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MR. ELLISTON Has acquired directions from Monsieur Gilbert, the proprietor, to dispose of by Public Auction, at the City Mart, Ou THURSDAY, ninth, March, 1854, At 2 o’clock p.m., AN ALLOTMENT or Piece of Ground situate in Harrington-street . Together with the Brick Buildings thereon erected, recognized at present as DEL SARTE’S ASSEMBLY ROOMS .

Isabella MELODIA

J. Johnson, and later for piano retailer Henry Hurford. Hired by William Henry Paling in 1858, he went on to turn into a much-respected and long-serving senior worker and shareholder of W. Another deal with in retailer for us is a testimonial concert given to Mr. G. J. Gee,

St Benedicts Catholic Faculty, New South Wales, 2022

They prosecute the buccaneer The hero of the band For bailing up and robbery

Youth Compose And Document A Music In 2 Days

after an illness, due to basic dibility, extending over 10 days. The deceased, who was 76 years of age, up to the time of his sickness had been in the make use of of Mr. W. O. Atkins. The funeral occurred on Wednesday, the preparations in connection therewith being carried out by Mr. Lane. SYDNEY ACADEMY, Macquarie-street.

and the following year shaped an expert partnership with local musician Alfred Dentith. – In sad however loving remembrance of our dear father, Henry Walsh Gaggin, of Clarence Town, who passed away April eleven, 1910, aged eighty years.

He had no religion in the fabled powers of music to carry out miracles; however these fables proclaimed the marvellous energy exercised by music on the mind of man. The lecturer gave a beau- tiful illustration of this from the works of Lord Byron. The Rev. JOHN GARDNER, who delivered his lecture upon “The Cultivation of Sacred Music.”

How typically, too, in listening to music – particularly sacred music – were persons utterly drawn by it from surrounding circumstances, and had probably the most highly effective feelings aroused in their minds. Music which may train such an influence have to be elevating.

FINALE, a a lot admired OVERTURE. – Glees, Trios, Duets, Selections from the most recent operas, &c.. RE-OPENING OF ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO Mr. J. WINTERBOTTOM, On TUESDAY subsequent, 9th July. The following Artists will seem on the occasion –

Madame Glogoski, Madame Josephini, M. Glogoski, Mr. Webster, Master G. Buckingham, and a host of other talented artists. Five years later he started enterprise for himself as a music-seller in Bourke-street, and in 1861 was obliged to maneuver to bigger premises in Swanston-street. A few years later another change was made, this time to a store in Collins-street, now occupied by the Kalzoic Company. An opportunity of buying the precious website upon which the firm’s current premises are constructed occurred in 1870,

One great function in the proceedings of the evening was the music of the band under the improved situations of a brand Traffic Controller MELODIA new drum, cymbals, and different instruments, all of which appears to be the perfect of their kind . [Major Learmouth]

The leisure was a real deal with, and the performers have been rewarded with a unanimous spherical of applause, as every successive piece rendered testified to the musical talent they evinced. His Honor Judge Cope presided on the event. As a mark of respect towards Mr. John Gillan who originated the Association,