Are the sexual scenes in Vietnamese movies more “violent” for artistic reasons?

large-scale sexual scenes

There have been several sexy sequences from Vietnamese films, including The Last Wife, Live: Livestream, Appropriation, and Sun People, on Vietnamese big screens for the past two months. It might be argued that the fact that more daring and sensual moments have been included in Vietnamese films recently is indicative of the review board’s increased transparency, which has allowed directors to openly express and establish their creative objectives after shooting. has been “labeled” with a T18 classification, indicating that only audiences eighteen years of age or older may see the movie.

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Nevertheless, viewers’ reactions to the aforementioned steamy sequences have been mostly divided thus far due to their lack of effectiveness. When the female character has several love scenes with both the district official and her boyfriend, like in the film, there are instances where the viewer still perceives the segments as straightforward, shallow, and not yet completely exploited to show the emotional breakdown. Director Victor Vu stated that The Last Wife’s sultry moment was “necessary to appear to serve the story and the psychological development of the character” despite being quite hot. There are sultry sequences that give the impression that the audience doesn’t need them and that the directors are going overboard because they are repeated so frequently throughout the film. usurp under Thang Vu’s direction.

Even so, usurp The contrary impact was also seen when, in the first half hour of the movie, the filmmaker hurriedly cut to a number of risk-taking, sensual moments featuring the coupling Son (Lanh Thanh) and Ha (Phuong Anh Dao), as well as Son and his maid Thao. Me (Miu Le). The director’s wish to “hope that the hot scene in the movie, although bold, fits the story and does not cause discomfort to the audience” is not fully realized in the scene due to the loose script and shallow investigation of the character’s psychology.

Stream live with Phim Live! In addition, there is a sequence in the Khuong Ngoc-directed movie that features the actress’s skin, which the viewers deemed “offensive bait” in the plot about two females who are skilled in mukbang fighting each other (recapture the eating scene to air on TV). Truc (Ngoc Phuoc) and Emi (Ngan 2) comprise the network. The character Emi used to exclusively appear in skimpy outfits to flaunt her curves, but in the film, she removes her top to expose her naked breast on a large screen, with several close-up camera angles on delicate body parts. Not even a violent sequence (98+) can salvage the film Live: Stream live, which barely made over 2 billion VND in revenue.

Make use of the “double-edged sword” to your advantage?

Going back to the sultry scene from Sun Man that was referenced earlier in the piece. The plot of this psychological, thriller, action picture with a hint of horror centers on two vampire brothers who have lived in isolation for the previous 400 years. A human girl unintentionally reveals their identity, which sets up other plot points. Because most viewers assumed Chi Pu and Thuan Nguyen were vampires, they were rather taken aback when the filmmaker presented a seductive scene in a bar’s restroom featuring the couple. that the plot of the movie is unaffected by the existence of this sequence. Apart from the fact that many in the film industry have expressed the opinion that “this too hot scene, although short, left a big ripple, dropping the score of the movie invested by Timothy Linh Bui because it looked vulgar and “It’s offensive, it’s not good,” is this not a ploy to draw attention to the film and spark discussion among viewers?

“Everyone knows that having a hot scene in a movie, no matter what the reason, is a double-edged sword because it is very difficult to control the thin line of offensiveness,” producer Phuong Nguyen said in a statement. The film will collapse emotionally if that sultry sequence isn’t appropriate for the plot and the character’s psyche. It will leave behind hard-to-eat grains.” Regarding the boundaries of sex scenes, a film critic (who wished to remain anonymous) said: “Sex scenes in movies often reveal the inexperience of the director because they leave the audience with no taste or feeling, even though the scene was filmed in an expressive way rather than flaunting special effects; additionally, the hot scene is powerful and bare inside Sun people. It also doesn’t do much to enhance the visual appeal of the film. Many filmmakers believe that filming a lot of heated moments is beneficial, but when done incorrectly or inappropriately, it may really be detrimental and unproductive. Keep the sizzling moments from overwhelming the viewers! It should be quite evident that modern audiences are more drawn to fresh and appealing storylines, narratives, and storytelling than they are to sexy sequences in movies.”