5 Window Maintenance Tips to Get the Best-Performing Windows

1. Frequently dust

Your windows will last longer if you routinely clean the vinyl frames in addition to wiping off the panes. Make an effort to give the inside vinyl frames a weekly wash. A regular cleaning will suffice for the external frames. To prevent scratching your window, use a mild soap (such as baby shampoo). To finish the task, use white vinegar in addition to your soap.

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2. Continue Your Annual Cleanings

In addition to obstructing your view and being less effective at keeping out pollen and insects, dirty screens also make it difficult to see through them. However, by cleaning your windows annually, you can ensure that these issues never arise. Vacuum up any loose dust first, and then remove any muck that has become lodged with a solution of dish soap and warm water. Although it may require some time, you will only need to complete the process once a year.

3. Weatherstrip & Caulk

It’s crucial to caulk your windows and to check for any gaps or seams that require sealing. Air should not be allowed to enter through small gaps or cracks as this can significantly increase your energy costs. Not to mention that these weak points allow mold, mildew, and moisture to infiltrate your house.

Most often, sealant issues occur at the bottom corners and in the spaces between windows. Every window can be weather-stripped to keep moisture and air out. Just keep in mind to periodically inspect your caulking, sealant, and weatherstripping. They age and tend to deteriorate just like anything else.

4. If you live near the ocean, use vinegar and clean every three months.

If you’ve spent enough time living near the shore, you undoubtedly already know how damaging the sea can be to your windows. Take heed of this advice if you’re new to living by the sea! In coastal areas, salt spray finds its way everywhere, even on your priceless glass. Unfortunately, a variety of window frame materials, including aluminum, are easily corroded by salt spray.

Residents near the water might wish to add additional cleanings to their maintenance schedule as a result. Those who don’t live near the shore may usually get away with doing thorough annual cleanings alone, but those who do should schedule a minimum of quarterly thorough cleanings of their windows.

Rinse your windows as often as you can in between thorough cleanings (a garden hose will do). Don’t hesitate to squirt white vinegar directly onto your windows when the time comes for a thorough cleaning! After letting the vinegar soak for a few minutes, use a sponge to clean your windows.

5. Get an Expert for a Yearly Inspection

You might still require some expert assistance even if you’ve completed the whole window inspection and repair routine. Certain window problems, such as a major crack or a mismatched window fit, are easier and more affordable for a professional to address. The average cost of window repair ranges from $200 to $600, depending on a number of variables including the window’s size, type, and damaged component.